About MOV38

Founded in 2017, MOV38 (pronounced "Move 38") represents arts, economics, and STEM students who aspire to pursue a career in the financial services industry and builds on the distinctive investment culture of granting these talented students the freedom to pursue their own investment ideas. We to offer a lens for students to look at world by supplying news flows, self learning platforms and trading games to apply the view to.

The society serves as a forum between current students, academics, professionals and MOV38 alumni. Our institution aims to provide an education in financial markets ranging from the use of the Bloomberg Terminal to lectures on asset classes.

Furthermore, our closely knit community offers current analysts an opportunity to learn from MOV38 alumni who work in the industry, an asset that has proved particularly attractive for the current analyst class when applying for internships and graduate roles. Our aim is to carefully spot talented students and mediate their way into the finance industry.

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